Tuesday, October 8, 2019

*Updated* 33 Things to Do Indoors with Kids in KansasCity

Okay, so my visions of snuggling up by a fire and homeschooling every day last winter were blown to bits by the fact that my kids are getting older and bounce off the walls when stuck inside on freezing days. So here are some indoor ideas I have come up with so far ... some are free and some are so expensive they should not even be on the list. Enjoy!

Please use this list and enjoy it and have fun NOT being stuck in the house with your kids when it is 10 degrees outside this winter. Maybe I'll see you out there and please, I beg of you, don't judge me when you see me out with my 5 kids and I am feeding them Kit Kats for lunch with a Capri Sun chaser. Assume we got all our homeschooling done that morning. Definitely let's chat and share in this parenting thing.

And yes, I know some of these ideas are expensive and you might only be able to pick one of them.

Feel free to leave me more ideas in the comments section, or email me at mommykerrie at yahoo dot com. Thanks, and see you around!

You could take your kid on the $5 Roasterie tour and get to wear a nifty cap like this one! Reminds me of Laverne and Shirley a little bit!
  1. Aaron's Family Fun Center in Belton (my new neighborhood, close to Peculiar). Aron and the kids went bowling there one night and had a blast. Check out this post about Kids Bowl Free all Summer! If you homeschool or have little ones, go during the day in the winter and for $3 you get a game, shoes and a soda!
  2. Bass Pro Olathe just to mess around, especially at Christmastime.
  3. Blue Valley Recreation Center and Activity Center.
  4. Burger King Playland 13680 Metcalf in Overland Park.
  5. Centerfire shooting range if your kids are a little bit older and you are cool with teaching your kids how to safely handle a gun.
  6. Christian Youth Theatre. $5 shows on Fridays during certain times of the year.
  7. Coco Key for indoor water fun!
  8. Great Wolf Lodge for indoor water fun!
  9. Ibis Bakery in Lenexa field trip.
  10. IKEA in Merriam ... If you sign up for the family card we are talking about free kid meals on Tuesdays, free coffee for you and lots of roaming space. Here is my post about that.
  11. Indigo Wild factory, where they make amazing soaps (ZUM bar!) and other great-smelling things.
  12. Jump City indoor bouncy houses.
  13. Kaleidoscope and Hallmark Visitors Center (both free!).
  14. Kaw Prairie Church and play area.
  15. Kidscape in Shawnee moved to the Heritage and Arts Center 87th and Metcalf!
  16. Lakeside Nature Center.
  17. Matt Ross gym and pool For $170 for 3 months you can get a family pass to  ... definitely worth it for big families if you can scrape the funds together. Check out the game room and explorer room for playing.
  18. McDonald's Playlands! 87th Street in Overland Park by the Central Resource Library; 95th Street in Overland Park by Oak Park Mall; Belton by the Cass County Library; Lenexa near 435.
  19. Paradise Park in Lee's Summit is perfect for a day and night of fun for families with kids of any age. The Adventure Day Pass is definitely worth it for older kids, and their pizza is fantastic!
  20. The Roasterie field trip (*updated* $5 for the tour)
  21. Science City at Union Station and buy the planetarium tickets!
  22. Scheel's is a fun place to hang out and they have a Ferris wheel!
  23. SkyZone (kinda expensive for my crew for only an hour of play even with the homeschool discount ... you have to buy their sky socks and good luck washing them and finding them ever again, hence the buying of the sky socks again and again).
  24. Steamboat Arabia Museum.
  25. Wonderscope Children's Museum in Shawnee.
  26. Zonkers is now located at Oak Park Mall.
  27. Library events reading time and craft times.
  28. Paint, Glaze and Fire or some other ceramics painting spot (you can take the older kids or whatever).
  29. The ballet and KC Symphony.
  30. Check out Stone Lion Puppets free shows.
  31. The Coterie at Crown Center, where you can go with a group to get the $5 tickets. 
  32. Emerald City Gymnastics has a homeschool open play on Mondays and Thursdays from 2-3 p.m. ages 4 and up ... only $5 for an hour of open play (half the price of SkyZone and no Sock Police and a great staff!).
  33. Parkside Coffeehouse at Cedar Ridge Christian Church in Lenexa.
When you get home from having a ton of fun with your kids, you can either get this free on Kindle Unlimited or pay hardly a thing for the ebook version and make one of these for dinner!

I finish this out by saying if Starbucks would finally get a clue and have a play area, my life would be complete. It can be all soundproofy for the normal patrons so they don't have to hear our nonsense ...


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