Thursday, December 14, 2017

Free Santa Claus at Bass Pro Shops and Uncle Buck's Grill: Favorite Traditions

Welcome to my online scrapbook, also known as a blog. Lately I don't have the time or money or energy to scrapbook like I used to do so I rely more than ever on my blog to hold memories. Each post is like a mini-scrapbook, and at the same time I hope it's something that can show other people cool places to go and things to do and see with their kids or without them :-)

I'm writing this one in 2017 about 2016, as we are gearing up to hit Bass Pro Shops again, only we live a lot further away from it. It's still worth the drive, though. Trust me; this is a great experience. When I thought that maybe we couldn't go this year because we are a little busy and house-poor, it made me depressed and so I HAD TO figure out a way to go again this year. We only went on a Plaza carriage ride ONCE, and there are some other traditions we can't do every year, but this is one that has to stick. The matriarch insists.

At the entrance to the palatial Bass Pro Shops. Everything is bigger here.

This is the photo I insist on. And it's FREE.

Craft stations and toy stations!

The pro shot

Here's the big deal: we always seem to be able to grab the Hemingway room at Uncle Buck's Grill after we do the Christmas festivities. It's a private back room where we can be loud and crazy, and it's thick with pictures of Ernest and there's also a super cool huge fish tank in there. And we usually get alligator as an appetizer. This year I have to set down the rule that we have to choose a menu item priced at $10 or below, which is very easy. Everyone can get a burger and fries and be nice and full. Oh, and we can get a couple of free kid meals since we will see Santa and they give out coupons. One year I took the kids alone and the server gave me FIVE free kid meals! Usually we only get two free, which is still generous.

I mean, check out this Christmas wonderland! It's easy to become jaded during the holidays when you are a parent trying to make it special for everyone around you. It gets exhausting. A trip to Bass Pro is like a shot of Christmas Caffeine.

We love to shop around here as well, taking pictures of the kids with their Christmas ideas :-)

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