Monday, June 13, 2016

The Day the Catholics Invaded IKEA in Merriam, Kansas

Yes, the time finally came May 31 for the Catholics to invade IKEA. Here's who went: myself, my 5 kids, Julia and our neighbor Matthew. Eight Catholic peeps walked into an IKEA ... ate some dinner ... and wandered the place for over an hour having a blast! This girl with Swedish roots was IMPRESSED and is ready to go back ASAP.

Tuesday is kids eat free night ... buy one adult meal and get two kid meals free. Still not cheap but not a horrible deal either! And AMAZING food. We got some Swedish meatballs to go for Aron, who was working late.

This is the little spot where your trays go.

This is my dream kitchen.

The kids wanted me to take pictures of things they liked. I don't think there is anything there I did NOT like, and I knew that would be the case. I am dying for a sectional couch in our new house!

The girls want this to be my office in our new home. Me and white don't traditionally mix so this room would be gray pretty quickly with dirt and grime. But it's nice to dream.

What a cool kid room with bunk and desk!

I figured this might be my husband's dream kitchen. We could have his and hers kitchens. Nothing wrong with that.

I'm so upset I didn't get Michael in this picture but he had gone up ahead in his excitement. He was like our leader.

More insanely awesome, space-saving bunk/couch combos.

Joel and Michael got some cheap pillows and blankies. They can't pass up a deal on cool snuggly things.

The warehouse. DANG.

I am initiated and now can get deals and save money.

Gotta get some Swedish fish and an umbrella when you are at IKEA.

Daddy's work! We took him dinner and he served the kids hot chocolate and gave them chair rides, which is putting them in an office chair with wheels and racing them down a long strip of office until they squeal.
I give this day 10 thumbs up and we want to go again as soon as we have some cash to spend on furniture and other fun things for our new place. Still hunting for a house so stay tuned.

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