Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Sunday: Mother's Day 2014 Without My Best Friend

Mr. Kerrie is stuck in Canada. He was supposed to be home Tuesday afternoon but now will be home Thursday night. Then he leaves Friday-Sunday for a Scout thing. I miss my best guy friend of almost 19 years!

Since he's got time on his hands I'm going to blog about Sunday for him in pictures. Here you go, babe.

Michael made me a Lego sheep and house and flowers

Joel made me a Lego unicorn

And breakfast!

I consider it a gift that Michael let me take this picture. Best bedhead ever.

Presents from Eva! Callie and Sam also drew me stuff but by the end of the day I was too tired to snap a pic!

At the movies ... Rio2. After that we went to Target so I could get some shorts for the hot day and a blow-up pool. The Lawsons came along so I could make my purchases while they played in the toy aisle with 6 kids!

Then to Shawnee Mission Park Dog Beach!

Me and my female BFF, Angeliina. Someday we will be relaxing on the beach in Rio.

Sam and Callie chillin' in the pool before it gets blown up.

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