Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Saturday: Water Fun and Baby Love

I'm posting pictures of our week for Mr. Kerrie, who is out of town. Here was last Saturday.
We had an Eagle Scout Court of Honor in the morning at Shawnee Mission Park and Joel was a reader.

Time for a new camera. It's eating pictures I take. I got some great pictures of the lake and stuff but they are gone! Instead, here are my other 4 kids chowing down at the reception.

Went to the Jones' for water fun. Worked on my Jamberry empire while snuggling a tiny baby girl. Now Mr. Kerrie is REALLY going to want another one. Same day, no joke, my mom writes me thinking I'm pregnant again because I'm craving tacos like I did with Eva. She names my baby Hattie Pearl or Dela Kethryn.

My good friend Kristin holding the match to the girl I had in my arms. She is pregnant with her 2nd child!!!!!!

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