Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Teacher Appreciation Week Ends and Mother's Day Weekend Begins!

Last Friday totally rocked. It was the end of Teacher Appreciation Week (had I known earlier I would have pampered myself more, dangit) and the kickoff to Mother's Day WEEKEND! Yep, we get an entire weekend now. Joel had a camp physical then we got some tacos and donuts and 1/2 price frappucinos to celebrate the fun aforementioned holidays.Of course I did not take the camera on our outings. Drat.

When we got home we got some outside time in. Ha! Callie on the swing.

And you can't pass up a chance to make some money. Our neighbor is never home so I convinced the kids to move up the road a bit, away from the busy corner, also making it easier for people to stop. One guy gave t hem $10. I am out there the whole time supervising, by the way. Wait, this photo is from Thursday b/c there is Liam. But you get the point.

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