Saturday, April 27, 2013

My 6th Child ...

Okay, so in the summer of 2011 I posted about Toshiba, my 6th child. (Jeez, you guys always think I'm knocked up when I post about my dog or my computer!)

I would like to update you on Toshiba's formative years:

  1. Unfortunately, I did not put the lock on the brakes of her stroller and she rolled in a lake at a park in Lenexa, Kansas in October of 2012. She was taken to the computer doctor, my husband, and was fixed pretty quickly. WHEW!
  2. A short time later, though, her brother Joel was getting frustrated with her Internet connection speed and took a fist to her keyboard area, damaging her hard drive. She was in a coma for many months.
  3. Just about a month ago, her hard drive was replaced  by my husband the GENIUS, and she is working very well. She helps me make money doing proofreading and writing jobs at as writerkerrie, write articles, send inspirational emails to friends and screw around on Facebook.
  4. We like to make sure she is unplugged from the wall a few hours a day so she won't be too dependent on electricity.
  5. Two little paper Pikachus, made by her brothers, guard her screen.
  6. She is a hard working laptop and I am grateful for her!
  7. If you want to know more, just wait for the family Christmas letter, where I will go into pages of detail about her latest exploits!

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