Thursday, October 25, 2012

Aron the Laptop Physician

So ya'll know my laptop rolled into the lake via my stroller, right? It was so fitting since I called the laptop my 6th child since the day I got it. Then it was hanging out in the stroller and the stroller rolled into the lake and it got a little swim. My lovely husband, who I always gripe about because he's not 100% on board with my writing (he wants me to spend more time on it when the kids are older and he's not entirely wrong, but having the money from it now can be helpful ... at McDonald's), dug right in and did some surgery.

Check him out with the keyboard disassembled and he's pretending to type. He's such a jokester. He could make a living doing stand-up comedy fo sho. He fixed the dang thing right up. Then a few days later something else happened that had nothing to do with water or his fix and now I'm out of business again.

And he's bringing home his work laptop on weekends so I can write and blog and do giveaways and all that. He kinda rocks.

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