Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Weight Loss When You're Traveling and Over the Holidays

With the holidays coming up, you might be on the go more than usual. You might even be traveling out of town for some festivities, and you might be wondering how that will affect your healthy lifestyle change

(I don't like to say diet because that sounds temporary and like you're depriving yourself for a period of time so you can go back to eating like your old self once you lose a certain amount of weight.)

 Here are some things that helped me when we'd visit family over a weekend in Hays, Kansas or go to any holiday parties at all:

  1. If you're on a plan like Weight Watchers, it's easy to figure out how to eat well when you have no clue how many points a meal may have. They have an online program called eTools that is helpful for figuring out the points value of foods. Also, I they have a Dining Out Companion pocket guide for certain popular restaurants. Otherwise, just look for things like chicken and seafood, items that are baked and steamed and not fried. Hit the salad and veggies hard and avoid the bread basket. Watch out for those salad dressings ... I like to bring my own in packets when traveling. (update: now that I have a smartphone, life is super easy because almost every restaurant and food is online and I can track it quickly and choose what I want to eat more quickly and easily)

  2. If you're staying with friends, it's hard to say NO all the time to what they are cooking. I like to make sure I have something in my bag that I can say YES to after I've said NO to something yummy and decadent that might blow my healthy lifestyle change. I love these double chocolate protein bars, and they are like dessert to me (Aldi, but everyone carries them). It's not chocolate truffle cupcakes, but it does the trick. And I also love Weight Watchers smoked string cheese, and it's only 1 point per piece. It's a nice protein boost with a lot of flavor to keep me away from other cheese and cracker options!

  3. Keep non-perishables in the car or in your bag. Baby carrots don't have to be refrigerated constantly. Apples are amazing. Bananas are perfect. Other things you know the concrete points value of are good to have around (100-calorie cookie packs or chip packs) also.

  4. Don't worry about people who tell you things like, "You are already so skinny, just have one piece of cake!" or "You don't need to lose weight, you are fine." Or "Oh, you can't have this piece of cake." They are not you. They have their own issues, TRUST ME. Just continue to live your healthy plan and don't let PEOPLE derail you, no matter how well-meaning they may be or what they mean to you or what kind of history you have with them.

  5. Continue to track what you put in your mouth. You would not believe how quickly the points add up when you are taking a bite here and there at a gathering and you are still hungry.

  6. Save up points and calories for things you love. Of COURSE you can have things you love!

  7. Attempt to get in some exercise by walking a little bit, hitting a hotel gym, or chasing kids around more than usual (keeps you away from the banquet table!).
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Originally posted 12/6/12

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