Tuesday, November 21, 2017

An Exquisite Touch of Silver

Forget the classic black-and-white style. New trends have long redefined classiness and elegance and they’ve moved away from a monochromatic world to bring new nuances of black and white.

Style is all about gray now, whether you make it part of your wardrobe or your interior decor. There is no clear explanation as to why gray has become such a popular choice for fashionistas and interior designers, but there are several options.

Firstly, gray, as it appears, is a natural derivative of the timeless black and white combination, and consequently can be used as a subtle complement without losing the natural and neutral feelings associated with black and white.

Secondly, gray comes in a variety of hues, which means that you can easily coordinate it with other colors and even patterns without risking a fashion or design faux pas.
Image by LEEROY Agency from Pixabay

And finally, gray brings a sense of preciosity to your style, as it is both the color of wisdom – gray-haired ladies always know better – and the color of a precious metal. In a word: What’s not to like about gray?

Your wardrobe
If you’re wondering how to surf on the precious gray trend, the best place to start is your wardrobe. You don’t need to throw everything away and buy a new set of all gray. In fact, what you can do is look for a few gray standard items that you can use with your favorite outfits, such as a gray cardigan to keep your autumnal dress warm as the temperatures drop. If you don’t need new clothing items, you might be able to embrace the trend using smartly placed accessories only, such as elegant silver jewelry to turn a simple blouse into a classy portray. A thin gray belt can transform an oversized jumper into a work outfit for a business lady. And finally, don’t forget the gray pumps to wait for the winter!

Your decor

If you are falling in love with gray, you can make it a part of your decor with a few simple touches. For a start, if your sofa is getting old, forget the usual brown or black leather sofa and look at a range of gray leather furniture instead. You’ll find that a new seat can transform the room! Don’t want to invest that much in new decor? Consider painting your walls, or maybe your old dining table in hues of gray. It’s an afternoon work for a tenth of the cost of home renovation!

Your beauty style
A lot of women have already made gray a part of their beauty statement too. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can consider dying your hair gray – or maybe letting it go gray naturally if you’ve already hit that step in your life. Gray hair is perceived as a sign of elegance. If it’s too much, you can content yourself with silver and shiny nail varnish instead. It’s ideal for the festive season!

Let everything turn gray and embrace this new style. There’s nothing like a touch of silver to make you feel like the luxury lady you are!

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