Sunday, August 5, 2012

Backyard Blow-up Pool Fun

*UPDATE September 2, 2019 and two years ago today we discovered our dream house in Peculiar, MO with a pool in the backyard that stays open until October! See blog post here!

We love summer. We love the pool. We get a $100 pool pass for our entire family for the whole summer ... such a great deal for 6 different pools open from 12-8. There are times when we don't want to pile in the car to go to the pool, and there are times when the kids would like to play in the water before noon and after 8 p.m. Enter the annual blow-up swimming pool. Well, it's plural (pools) this year!

Yeah, it cost too much and it's teeny tiny, but the little ones like it and it keeps them busy! It's two different pools connected by a hippo slide!

I originally bought this one, and we decided to return it because it was too small. In July, though, it was hard to find a big rectangle one, so I broke this one out while Aron was traveling so we'd have a pool fun center.

The McLoughlin Pool Fun Centre. Notice how the grass around it where we drain the pools is high and green and the rest of the yard is dying :-)

Why don't we get a big old pool for the patio that's like 4 feet deep? Well, for one we don't want our entire patio taken up by it. And maintenance is a horror. And water freaks me out since I only have 3 who can swim currently.

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