Thursday, August 2, 2012

Thankful Thursday: ANY Costume Review

Are you ready for Halloween?

Okay, so this women's costume came in the mail recently from Anytime Costumes for me to review. I got to pick the costume I wanted, and figured I was getting too old to dress all sexy like a go-go girl like I wanted to. So I went with the more refined Jacqueline Kennedy First Lady costume.

Here's the deal: I NEVER dress up for Halloween. It's a miracle that I get all 5 of my kids in costumes for Halloween, frankly. I always WANT to, but getting away to go shopping is a pain, plus I don't like shopping. Plus what could I be? I'm a slightly overweight mom ... what to wear? One year I was a clown, but that was when I was super pregnant and I borrowed that costume from a friend. So here is what came in the mail for me:

I have not had time to go get gloves and the purse and the sensible shoes, but that will come in time. I'll post me in those later. For now, here is me in the costume because it's always good to see a  real person with a costume on versus a model on a package.
Photo taken by my professional photographer 11-year-old son Joel

The only thing I don't like about it is that the skirt is so thin that I'm going to need a slip, just like they used to wear in the olden days. The front is covered fine, but the back is thinner so you can see my undiepants. I think if I drop a few el bees (lbs. = pounds) that I can pull it off. I also need to dye my hair black and cut it off. Nah, ain't gonna happen. I'm pretty sure no kid is gonna know who I am, but that's cool. I know I am The First Lady.

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