Monday, August 6, 2012

Moshi Monster Monday: Miss Kristin the Moshi Dealer

I have to take a Moshi Monster Monday to discuss the supplier of some of the Moshi Monster Madness.

Her name is Miss Kristin. She buys Moshi stuff from England and resells it on Amazon ... and to little kids.

I like to call her the Moshi Monster Dealer. She started out by giving the kids freebies, you know, like a drug dealer.

Then they were hooked.

That's when I started floating her fives and tens for Collector's Guides and rare cards and figures.

Then the kids started going over to her house to check out her new shipments of Moshi goodies and they would take their own money to buy things.

To call her a dealer isn't fair. She is a very generous person and would give them everything. But I didn't feel right having them take all that stuff for free, so I make sure they make nice negotiations and deals. I think it's good practice for them in the future.

Anyway, we love our Miss Kristin and wanted to give her a shout-out today!

Thanks, Miss Kristin, for being the supplier of all good things Moshi!

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