Friday, July 6, 2012

Freaking Friday: Freezing Frappes

Yes, I am aware that my kitchen counter makes it look like I live in a crackhouse. I can assure you I do not and that I am just not a great remodeler and will be getting on that task someday in the next 30 years.

I've blown through the Scooter's and Starbuck's gift cards I got for my birthday and now have to resort to making them at home. And it rocks. There are probably better ways to do this, but here is how I do it on the cheap at home:

  1. Put a Starbuck's Columbia Via packet in a cup (they average out at about a buck a packet, so in the end I'm probably making a double batch of frappe that we can all share and it comes out to less than 2 bucks), add about 4 ounces hot water. Stir it up in the cup a bit.
  2. Pour that mixture into the blender. Toss in some ice and some milk (sorry I don't have exact measurements here for you but that's just how I roll in cooking and baking and stuff).
  3. I toss in some half and half also. I also like to put in some chocolate syrup to taste and have this yummy flavored creamer I like to use (chocolate toffee or something like that).
  4. Dump in a bunch of ice and set the blender on FRAPPE!
  5. There you go! Cheaper than McDonald's and better! You can use skim milk, sugar-free syrups, whatever you want.
Here is my friend, who made me these twice while I was at her place. Maybe in the comments section she can clue you in on how SHE does it ... (look, she even re-used my Starbuck's cup!)

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