Thursday, July 5, 2012

The Pregnant Minnow Babysitter Mystery

Man, we got punchy at bedtime on the 4th of July.

Before bedtime Michael noticed that our single minnow was looking slimmer. She had gotten chunky when we were in Wyoming and looked like in her clear belly she had extra poop or something. I kept joking for weeks that she was pregnant. We know nothing about minnows ... do they lay eggs, do they carry babies like in a womb, what the heck?

Anyway, then Michael notices a teeny weeny minnow swimming around. We found two more after that. Okay, so she is a single mother minnow because her man died BEFORE we went to Wyoming, like in early May. We had my mom look after the minnow while we were gone.

So as we are trying to go to sleep, their friend called my mom Nanny Pregs because she looked after a pregnant minnow.

Then we called her the Pregnant Minnow Babysitter. I said, "But that sounds like my MOM is pregnant."

Callie says, "What if Tutu was pregnant and the minnow is babysitting HER?"

Then we got into the logistics of them having an uncle who is a tiny baby by my 62-year-old mother.

This is how we homeschool, folks ... all day and all night and at the oddest moments they learn stuff by joking around. So today we are hitting the internet to find out about minnows and how they reproduce. Maybe we'll also find out how old the oldest woman was when she delivered a baby.

So thanks, Mom, for babysitting our minnow. Who knew she was pregnant or you might have been able to throw her a baby shower?!

Wait, according to this, eggs would need to be laid, then the male would fertilize them. So why did the female lose her darker belly once the babies were born? And if the eggs hatch in 3-10 days, what the hell? I mean, is she like boy and girl minnow all in one? How did this happen? Am I just being dumb and can't figure this out? Was it Immaculate Fishception?