Friday, July 20, 2012

Freaking Friday: Falling in Love

I know Aron is going to be like, "What are you doing posting THREE things on the blog? Are the kids tied up somewhere so you can write?"

NO, silly. Not today, anyway. It's just that I had a FREEBIE to post, then I had to break the news about FLORIDA the new pet and today is our anniversary of meeting so it's when we FELL in love! I HAD to post all this! (The kids are watching a movie and I am nursing Sam, if you must know).

So 17 years ago tonight I met Aron McLoughlin. I had just gotten off work from a collections place on a Thursday night. I sucked at it because I gave everyone a break because I had my own debt issues from my first marriage. My girlfriend Anita and I went to her boyfriend's (Dave) apartment. I had business to attend to before my date arrived. I had people to return calls to who could be potential roommates for me. So I'm on the phone on a long conversation with this Guy #1, who sounded so smart and wonderful but who I told I could not have as a roommate because my dad would kick my butt and I wouldn't be comfortable with it anyway. Then when I got done, Guy #2 is laying on the couch like he freaking owns the place. Then Guy #3 (my date) shows up to hang for a bit before we went out (he had a Mustang; I was shallow).

It's like an episode of The Dating Game, right? I had OPTIONS back then, people. Which is not always a good thing, let me tell you. I had too many Mr. Wrong options, actually, so it was hard to discern who was Mr. Right.

Well, he was on the couch, lounging, shoeless. Hadn't even talked to him. Didn't know what he drove. Something was weird and instant, though. I wondered, "Who IS this guy?"

I had seen too many episodes of Seinfeld and when I saw him double dip a chip, I mentioned that fact, trying to be funny. He just looked at me like I was nuts. Ooookay, whatever. Soon after I took off with my date, excited to be meeting Guy #1 the next day. Turns out Aron was staying the night at Dave's because his truck was in the shop and he needed a ride to work and school the next day.

Guy #1 did not work out ... no chemistry, which I happen to think is very important for longevity. Guy #3 was a bust at the end of Thursday night, too. A self-absorbed jerk. Aron was going to be going out Friday night for Dave's birthday, and I had been invited by Anita.

Saturday night we celebrated my dad's birthday ... he was 45!!! Then I drove to Westport (party central in Kansas City), parked my car and walked alone to Kelly's, where everyone was waiting to party. Aron and I tried to pretend like we were ignoring each other, but we were checking each other out. Unfortunately, we ended up in different groups when our friends split up. He ended up in the group that went dancing (I love dancing!!!!) and I somehow ended up in the group that sat at a bar TALKING while I got hit on by a married friend of theirs (blech). I just kept thinking about when we were going to meet them at the dance place, but we never did :-(

When it came time to meet the limo they had rented to take them to a hotel in Overland Park to party more and stay the night (it sounds bad, doesn't it, Dad?), I went with my crew to meet up with the other crew.

It was like a movie scene in the middle of the street. Aron was toasted and yelling from the end of the street by the limo about why did we not come dancing? He seemed mad. I got invited to ride in the limo and thought, "Why not? I can find a ride home."

The limo ride was fun ... I thought Aron was with another girl there but he wasn't. We flirted a little. At the hotel we hung out more and talked and got to know each other. I knew how to spell his last name and he was impressed. He told me he was going to DeVry for electronics engineering and was almost done. I was impressed that he maybe had a brain.

Later a "friend" of his told me he was going out with a girl who was there at the hotel with us. Turns out his "friend" was mackin' on me and what he said was not true. We slept a few hours on the floor using rolled-up towels as pillows and in the morning we somehow ended up back at my car alone in Westport and I offered to give him a ride back to his place so he could shower before work. When I dropped him off at work, he gave me his number and the rest is ... well, it was not an easy road, friends! There is a lot more to come, and I have to save that for the Aron + Kerrie = Love Untitled Love Story I started working on months ago.

This stuff is hard to write from memory and try to make it interesting, and I don't have the brain power to drag out all my old journal pages from the basement. Plus I have to edit certain things to clean it up, of course! But soon I will so we have a nice record of our love for us and for our children.

All I have for now is a picture of our wedding day, which was about 3 years after we met. We don't have a scanner so when I start working on our love story again for the blog I'll take pictures of old pictures and put them on here!
If any moron wants to ask "who is she?" I will beat your butt. Just ask the last person who did it. I was 27 years old then. I am 41 now and have had 5 children and a normal marriage, which means some stressful times. I don't WANT to look to like that again. I want to look like ME, now. I love the way Aron looks NOW and I will still think he's adorable when he is 90 years old.
This is why I gripe about him being out of town. Because I actually LIKE him and enjoy his company, even when he is grumpy about the unclean house or what the kids eat or how much time I spend writing. I love him more everyday, and I never thought something like was possible, but it so is. Everything I went through before I met him was worth it, and I would do it all again.

Edited to add: I found my old journals!!! I sat on the phone with my man tonight reading him my first impressions of him, to be saved for future posts! He recalls the night we met and that he told me I have nice legs. I don't remember hearing him say that, but he swears he said it.

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