Friday, July 20, 2012

Freaking Friday: Flo-rida the Gecko?

So this blog post is mostly for my husband because he doesn't know about this yet.

Um, sweetie, we have something to tell you. We have added another tiny little family member. Her/his name is Flo-rida because he/she came from Florida. Well, you see, honey, you know how my mom works at a florist? Well, the other day she called and said that they got some plants in from Florida and there was a teensy little lizard or something or other on one of the plants.

It's not like they can ship it back there you know, the poor wittle orphan. So I'm sure you know what's coming and this is the part where I butter you up and tell you how handsome you are and how in love with you I am and how happy I am to have made 5 spawn sweet sweet children with you.

So yes, we have adopted a new baby. I thought Freaking Friday would be the perfect place to announce the arrival of Florida the gecko/lizard/chameleon. Joel has already been researching how to care for it, so that counts as homeschool science, right? And I have made it a little sling so we can carry it around.

Just kidding on that last part. Trying to make you laugh. And I probably won't breastfeed it.

So here is a picture of the little sweetie. She/he is very happy in the small terrarium downstairs so far. Thanks for being so cool and understanding. Small pets are good, right? Now, about that dog we're thinking about getting in the fall. We're thinking of downgrading to a cat, maybe a little easier to care for? Can't wait to see you when you get home, whenever they LET YOU COME HOME to us and then hopefully  you will be home for weeks!

Florida, born maybe in early July 2012. About an inch long not counting the tail. Might be a gecko that changes color.