Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Utah's Discovery Gateway Children's Museum (Day 29)

By now I'm sure you realize I was joking about yesterday's post about moving here! I loved the weekend, but as I blog this on Tuesday, the weather went from the 60s to the 30s in no time flat. At least at home the weather is a nice consistent 85 and humid all spring and 95 all summer. Sheesh, is there no in between? I'm thinking of becoming one of those bicoastal gals or something like that. Anyway ...

Today (Monday) we went to Salt Lake City, Utah's Discovery Gateway Children's Museum. Now I will bombard you with photos from the day.

The main entrance.

The cool ball area ... suction dealy jobs move the balls through the tubes.

A pic of much of the little kid area on the 2nd floor.

I love that my boys still can play with little kid stuff, like in the building area.

Construction dude Sam.

Eva dug the grocery store.

And the little living room.

Had to go to the parking garage for lunch and Sam was not happy, even though I spent a fortune at the gift shop on the way out.

Michael likes the challenge of the magnetic tubes and balls.

Could not get Sam away from this tornado thing. You put paper in and it swirls around and comes out the top.

Callie is a weather girl.

Life Flight!

The girls making their retired mailman Poppy proud!
If I slack the next few days it's because we are PACKING and holding kittens and cleaning and laundering and getting new tires and waiting for the DISH Network guy and who knows what else?!

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