Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Wyoming Sky Makes Me Cry (Day 30)

Tuesday, June 5 found us doing only a few things:

Callie does her IXL.com math while holding her kitten. We call this kitten Piss because she is kinda pissy, and she and Callie get along well. They understand each other.

Later we went into town at the request of Sam, who fell asleep on the way. So I let him take a little nap and the kids played at the Bear River Gateway pond thingy.

McDonald's in Evanston, WY off I-80 ... Sam sits in a cool chair with  his food on a cool tray.

Don't tell the managers of Kingfisher Bend Ranch, but when they went out of town overnight I let the kids bring the kittens in for a bit .... they all hung on the chair, nobody peed or pooped and we washed the blanket!

We will miss this like crazy, our view from the back porch.
We are slated to leave on Thursday morning even though Aron's boss refuses to acknowledge his email on the subject. Aron worked til 11, which is the norm lately (16-hour days).

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