Monday, June 4, 2012

Not Coming Home From Wyoming; Moving Here

I forgot to mention that yesterday on the way to church Aron had EIGHT voice mails. The plant was having problems and he's the go-to guy with sporadic phone reception. By the time he called them back it was all fine. See how emergencies turn out fine when someone just steps up and figures it out themselves?

Sunday (Day 28) rocked beyond belief, just like any other day Aron has off. I wonder if the days off would be as sweet if we had them every single day? Probably not.

Sunday started with some milk drunken through these flavored straw thingies. The simple things thrill my kids!

Then they split open a coconut we got at the store and had some coconut milk.
I love me a man who mops. I'm a HORRIFIC housekeeper, so thankfully Aron's mama taught him about cleaning, and he actually doesn't mind it. If he could nurse, he might have been the stay-at-home parent. I would have come home to duck a l'orange and a sparkling home every night!

Michael petting a dog. Proof for my family.

Me RELAXING with a sleeping kitten. Shocker. Also, Rosie gave us some fresh-baked bread and since her husband is called Ned and he brought it over, Sam called it Ned Bread.
Later we sent Aron and Joel down the river for an hour-long kayak ride they will remember forever.

After, they had some rock-throwing fun trying to make huge splashes in the river.
You gotta love the country. I never let Aron do this in town, but on country roads it is no big deal ... just go slow. I got to drive Ned the manager's truck.
As the sun started to set, after spaghetti and meatballs dinner, we headed to the fire pit to light a fire and do s'mores with our new homeschooling friends. Sam nursed to sleep and we walked back to our room in the bright moonlight.
A rare photo of me and my awesome man, taken by 4-year-old Eva! We've been together almost 17 years, and we still dig each other.
Oh, yeah, 1 sleeping baby and 4 kids ready to pray and go to bed. This is how we sleep every night. Just kidding!
I have to put on a pic of the star of the day: the water tanks. They are housed in our house and keep shutting off ... bad pump or dry well? We sat and held the dealy bob so the psi would go high enough for our friends to get through a shower. Earlier I got half a shower, had to mess with the pressure while half-nekkid, then got the other half of my shower. The washer and dishwasher like to stop halfway through a load. Grrrr.
Don't forget to check out Saturday's post, as well, just below this one! It was a great weekend!

I would like to give a shout-out to Nathan, who is an avid blog follower. We love you and your siblings and your mama! Can't wait to get home and hug you all until you squeal.

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