Monday, June 4, 2012

Day 27 in Wyoming = No Water, No Dishes to Do!

Saturday, June 2 = Day 27 of Wyoming travel (I count the 2 days on the road, folks). Still on location. It's not really vacation (well, kinda, but with the rare appearance by my husband), so I say we're on location.

The ranch is having water pump/well issues so we never know when we'll have working water.  So the dishes piled up. Oh, well. We can always buy paper plates and cups, right?

This is Aron on a phone call with the plant. Even when he is off work he is always on call and always gets some sort of work call on days off. At least he had a cute little girl and a kitty close by for support.

Sometimes babies just like to hide in fridges.

Michael is getting used to the animals here. Time to buy a ranch?

Callie leading Rapid Fire to the arena for some riding practice.

Joel leading Boomerang to the arena.

Sam leading his horsie. You can't see it, but he has only one shoe on. It's how he rolls.
All the kids got to ride but Michael, who was not interested.

There go Joel, Aron and Callie with the manager, Ned Silvester, on a trail ride!

So I got to hang out with my 3 other kidlets. This is the gorgeous walk to the beach.

A little stream and bridge on the way to the beach.

After church we went back to TC's Steakhouse (find them on Facebook!). Because I did a review of them, they gave us free desserts plus Andrew gave me a rosemary lemonade (I had ordered the minted lemonade and loved it, so he gave me a rosemary one also!) The Kindlers are good people.
Later we made a trip to the RiverWalk, where we once again found the little hideaway spot where the kids can cross the river. Here they are gathering rocks to throw back at their dad, who was splashing them with thrown rocks.

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