Monday, June 4, 2012

Natural Gas Plant Field Trip in Evanston, Wyoming

Day 26 in Wyoming = Friday, June 1, which is the official start of summer in my world. Let's start summer out with a funny:

Summer started with Michael loving on the kitty. This is Pepe. This is Michael's kitty. Michael isn't big on dogs, but he loves these kittens.

We hung out at the pond for a little while, and Sam insisted on wearing his lifejacket for hours. Cool shades, too!

Joel and Michael went kayaking. Later, we met our Overland Park homeschooler neighbor mom, and I like her a lot! She let her youngest daughter, Callie's age, play at our pad for a while. They are fast friends.

Later we went to town for groceries at ... you guessed it ... WalMart! Then we had an impromptu field trip when Daddy invited us to where he's working. After about 20 minutes of driving north, we encountered this going up the mountain. We like to make fart jokes about Daddy working on a natural gas project. Look, all I'm saying is my man is in a dangerous job right now and I don't think he makes NEARLY enough cash for being so smart that he doesn't blow up the plant/mountain. Just sayin'.

A gorgeous sunset going up the mountain.

Here we are. Aron works in one of those buildings down there. I can't tell you which one. Highly secure information. Plus I can't pick it out. See those greenish pipes? Those will go into the ground and hold natural gas. My man makes sure that stuff is automated.

Hardhats required, plus super cool glowy vests.

Playing on the equipment is a MUST.

Then we took a drive to see the DRILLING RIG. Drilling for natural gas, not black gold, Texas tea. Aron gave the kids quite the informational little talk about what he does. There will be a test.

The plant is almost an hour from where we are staying so we got home super late and hit the hay. Come back to see what the heck we did Saturday, as our trip comes to an end. Really, I mean it this time!

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