Saturday, June 9, 2012

I Had an Affair in Wyoming

Let's start with a funny before we get down to the serious business:

Yes, I know, it's kinda like I have an affair with ecards every day because I'm always posting them. I admire the brains that come up with the humor, is that so wrong? But now on to my real affair, and here is a photo of my beloved:

When I think of all the great times we had in Wyoming over the past 5 weeks, I think I am going to miss my Whitey most of all. Yes, his name is Whitey Whirlpool, and we are in love. I can't bear the thought of returning home to my other washing machine. You know, the one that isn't even two years old but that I have to stand over and fill with a freaking hose by hand every time I need clean clothing.

AND then the clothes aren't even anywhere close to clean. I know Aron is going to miss Whitey and how he made his undies and socks all nice and, well, WHITE. You just push a button on awesome front-loading Whitey and walk away. Whitey COMMUNICATES how long his cycle will be so you know where you stand. Whitey takes care of my family and their clothing. Whitey may very well be the love of my life. If I can ever scrape together hundreds of dollars, I might ship Wyoming Whitey Whirlpool to my house. I'll bet Whitey won't crap out the day his warranty is up.

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