Thursday, June 7, 2012

Kids Taking Recon Photos, Then Playing in Fire Pits (Day 32)

This will be quick and painless for you, the viewer reader because I have dishes and laundry and showering to do before we head out to the zoo again (I'm writing this Friday morning, but the date on the post is Thursday; freaky, huh? I have powers like that.)

I'm not gonna lie to you ... we did more loafing in the morning, more playing with kittens. About a million people showed up late morning in about 5 cars and we started freaking out because we were like, "Uh, we just secured our place again for 2 more nights and all these people have come ... where will they stay? ... will they try to boot us out???" Turns out they got booked on the wrong weekend (NOT by the managers, who rock, by the way), so they all had to cram in the 2 cabins and they were HAPPY ABOUT IT. What a great attitude and one I do not always possess!

Here the Littles are messing around in the woods behind the house.

Callie took a recon photo of one of the new guests on HER horse, Rapid Fire. Crap, I see a ranch and a horse in our future! I've been looking at real estate on the outskirts of KC and it'll run about half a mil. Better start saving pennies. There's always that Hooter's job offer I received ...

Sam's baby driftwood. He looks tough holding it, but it's his little punkin.

We went to the fire pit for something different to do. This is the before photo. The after photo involves much wet ash all over children, which led to baths later.

The naughtiest of my kids Littles know how to collect water to put out their fake fire. 

The Bigs messed around in the woods. Everyone was playing happily, so I made a plan for how to survive without a job, just in case. It's all on my handy dandy yellow legal pad. Bet you wanna see THAT!

Later I tossed the kids some food out the back door fed the kids a nutritious dinner outside in nature. This turned out to be their first dinner, as later when I made grilled cheese sandwiches for Aron, everyone wanted one!
Joel was able to secure one last horse ride for he and his siblings! This is Eva and Sam riding to the arena.

Joel and Callie don't need no stinkin' assistance!

Rung Monkeys are the guys Aron might work with who do Ladder Logic (don't ask me to explain). These are my fence monkeys. Joel is leading the horse back to the barn so he is MIA.

Grilled cheese with chicken lunchmeat and banana peppers. Sometimes I swear I'm pregnant because of the way I go nuts over banana peppers!!!

Aron came home around 9 p.m., which is early lately. He's working like a horse and getting his stuff all done, so looks like we will be leaving Saturday morning. No, really, I'm serious this time! Aron's bosses are off my Naughty List ... I could not hold a grudge it if weighed 2 ounces and you gave it to me in a sling. In fact, if they read this, I want them to know that if they approve Scout Camp, I will make sure Aron works 473 hours a week until the end of the year and I will bake them lasagnas and cookies until they puke.

The kids had me read to them at bedtime, and Aron needed the "extra" sleep anyway. They like when I read to them from the CHC Science 2 for Little Folks ... crazy little freaks! Michael was upset again, thinking we would not leave Saturday. I told him (not to be mean to my loving husband) we would be leaving Saturday with or without Daddy ... we are going home.

Homeschooling: We did the multiplication/division problem that 35 days away from home = 5 weeks exactly and that is our limit.

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