Monday, May 28, 2012

TC's Steakhouse in Evanston, Wyoming

I have a new favorite restaurant. Too bad it's not located where I normally live. It's called TC's Steakhouse and it is amazing. The kids would not stop talking about how yummy everything was.

It's not like you'll never be anywhere near this place. It's right of I-80, which leads all over the place ... from New York to San Francisco! You have to hit this place on the way to ... well, wherever you are going!!!!

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So I had grilled chicken, salad with a cool celery seed dressing and mashed potatoes. Joel is a big boy now and ordered the salmon. Aron got a pasta thing with chicken and sundried tomatoes. The kids were dying over the clam chowder. Their kids' mac and cheese is really penne pasta with yummy cheese sauce (nothing like Kraft, people). The menu is simple but everything anyone would love is represented.

But the DRINKS .. holy crap. I had a strawberry basil lemonade that was out of this world. Here's me enjoying it incredibly:
See how happy this lemonade makes me? My goal is to try them all.

So it was $5.25 ... I would spend that on a Starbuck's for a slice of happiness once a week for sure. And they grow the basil on-site! Aron had a blueberry lemonade. Other choices were rosemary infused, baja herb, sage and MINT. Andrew is the front of house/beverage manager and the one who comes up with these amazing concoctions. Check out their Facebook page to see their funky martinis (s'mores!). If I was a drinkin' gal, boy, would I hit THOSE!

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