Tuesday, May 12, 2009

I Wanna Be Sedated

Lately I’ve been wondering a lot about Valium. Somehow people in the 50s and 60s took this Wonder Drug and still FUNCTIONED, and it’s fascinating to me.

They didn’t act like alcoholics, who get mean or run into things with their cars or pass out during a PTA meeting or wake up totally non-functional.

They didn’t act like other drug addicts, who have all kinds of problems with finding a vein to shoot up in or whatever. Sorry, but my drug lingo isn’t that great.

They didn’t act like people on anti-depressants and anti-anxiety drugs, who get about 57 fun side effects (can’t sleep, sleep all day, don’t want sex, want sex all day, can’t eat, want to eat all day, act stupid, act mean, etc.) and are often STILL messed up.

I definitely need to do some research on Valium. Can you take it pregnant? Can you take it nursing? Does it just make you a little dull or does it knock you out? Raggedy, you should know something about this one ... you are a cool 60s-type chick!!! I thought my mom would know more, but she disappointed me :-)

Here’s your assignment for the day: leave me a comment with everything you know about Valium.