Monday, May 28, 2012

End the Day with Teen Titans (Wyoming Day 20)

So Saturday started by Aron being tracked down by his client. The phone rang and I figured someone would leave a voice mail message. I was wrong. Instead, the manager of the place had to come and knock on our door and make sure Aron knew that he was being tracked down. Then his boss in KC called to make sure he knew he was being tracked down. So in to work Aron went. Such is the life of a famous engineer and husband of the star of The Kerrie Show. It's not a bad life.

Sam started his day with 3 Blo-Pops at once. And yes, I brush his teeth all the time with his cool Cars toothbrush.

Then we hit the River Beach for only about 30 minutes because it was windy and chilly and we don't like having sand blown in our eyes.

I needed a shower, but took a bath at Sam's insistence. He got in with me and we made it a Party Til You're Pruny bath. Then the snow started! So we drove to church in the mini blizzard and met Aron there. After that we went to TC's Steakhouse for dinner (they advertised on the church bulletin and I wanted to patronize them, and Aron said YES because they rock), which was amazing and warrants its own blog post. Below, the kids got to share a dessert.

Eva licked the bowl clean.
Parents of many, do you ever feel weird that your kids wear expensive name brands? Like Sam with his Gap jacket ... yet, all our stuff like that is hand-me-downs from the kindness of other people!

Got some gas at the Loaf n' Jug (why is the jug just loafin' around? is it just lazy?). Smith's for groceries. Decided WHY NOT turn the night into errand night? So on to WalMart ... I need a new book to read and settled on something called "Once" (usually I let the universe send me books and don't pick them out ... the ones at WalMart are either too easy or too deep for me right now). Everyone got a book or activity thing except Sam, who got a small basketball. Joel's now reading the book "Brave" before he sees the movie for his birthday.

SIDENOTE: Who else wants a stick shift minivan so they can feel badass? I miss my little 1978 stickshift Chevy Chevette sometimes!

Got to drive the Buick home with Michael and Callie in the back. Listened to that amazing XM satellite radio. Hadn't heard this one in a million years!

Got home by 10 and fired up some Teen Titans, a show we don't get at home that the boys used to love, and now they ALL love it and go into the woods and play it together.

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