Friday, May 11, 2012

Real World: Wyoming; Day Two

Breakfast at the hotel, then ...

... driving, driving, driving. And on the way we saw Abraham Lincoln in Wyoming. And he did NOT look happy that there was still snow on the ground.
But Michael loved making a huge snowball, and the kids had a teeny snowball fight with their dad.
Pretty soon after we saw a Budweiser plant and were dying to stop, but you know how it goes. Gotta get to the destination before dark.

Subway for dinner, Smith’s for groceries then 20 minutes south of the main part of Evanston, WY to our place, the Kingfisher Bend Ranch. HIGHLY recommended. We’re in the “lodge” … a 4-bedroom place twice the size of our house. Watch out for cougars (not me!) and bears. 
Our dining and living area. Note the rockin' sunset and the lack of shades so you can always see the gorgeous view, except at night when it's PITCH BLACK.

Looking from the dining area into the kitchen, where I will be spending  much time.

Upstairs ... foosball table, little satellite TV, stuff for the kids to do.
The rest of the upstairs (to the right is the hallway that leads to our rooms; we chose the upstairs for sleeping so Aron could get ready for work at the butt-crack of dawn downstairs). Note the cool Yoda.
Mommy’s happy once the twin beds are pushed together for minimal falling out of bed. Pushed our bed against the wall so we don’t need that worthless bedrail for Sam. 

Ever seen two bunk beds pushed together? Still one bed is unused because Eva and Callie snuggle up together. Eva wants to sleep with us like she does at home but there's no room :-(

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