Thursday, May 10, 2012

Real World: Wyoming; Day One

Driving, driving, driving. 
Kansas City to Denver today
Daddy's driving day started with calls from the job site
Sam likes to dictate with his Skinny James meat stick

The naughty kids crammed in the back.
A stop at Mickey Ds in Hays, Kansas (notice no socks on Eva!). If you  play video games standing up, you won't get fat!
Denver Embassy Suites and Mommy needs a cocktail. For some reason Daddy was given TWO, like his life on the road with all the kids was that much harder. Parental Discrimination, is all I’m saying.

Wendy’s for dinner and some swimming. Mommy’s first time in a sauna. Felt just like Kansas in the summer.

 Bedtime: all snuggly after some time spent jumping on the beds. The girls slept in bed together even though Eva usually sleeps in her twin bed pushed up to our queen at home (there was barely room for Aron and I and Sam in our double bed!). Looks like we might soon just have one kid in bed with us.

Michael wanted to sleep in the chair instead of in the sofabed with his brother.
Will post Day Two as I get sporadic Wyoming internet access!

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