Saturday, May 12, 2012

Real World: Wyoming; Day Three

Breakfast at one of our lovely kitchen tables at the Kingfisher Bend Ranch! The living area is behind the kids ... a couch and a chair. Down the hallway are the other 2 bedrooms which we don't even use but they are great for the kids to play in.

A wicked cool tree out our back door.

Joel is already in ART MODE, drawing pictures of different birds and animals we see.

The view out our back door.

Had a showdown with the high-falutin' washin' machine. I'm used to beating my clothes on a rock, so this computerized contraption was hard to figure out.
The managers, who are living in a residence ATTACHED to ours (poor people!), gave us a tour of Bear River Beach, which is about a half mile walk from the lodge.

Then there was horseback riding for all in an arena. We'd never been before, so it was amazing! Even Michael got on a horse for a little bit!

Learned a new term: mate-poaching. Ladies (and gentlemen), don't try to poach my hot cowboy mate, m'kay?
Michael made some strawberry juice.
Grandpa and Grandpa on the front porch.
To Salt Lake City for a rental car for Daddy since he works 40 minutes from where we're staying. Target stop for decent shoes for Eva, then WalMart stop for fishing poles.
Aron's Buick Regal. He says the Mommyvan could take it in a race no problem. We'll test that theory later.
Pizza casserole for dinner, and watching deer out the back kitchen windows and door. 

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