Saturday, May 12, 2012

Real World:Wyoming; Day Four

Loving how the kids can run free around here and I don’t have to worry about them. They love the dog here, Socks, and there are kittens to be fondled next week, plus the horses. I can hear the Bear River out the back door.

The boys tried to fish at the pond but it was too windy. So we went to “town” for groceries. Found out the bank shut down our debit card since we’re traveling and spending lots of money. 
Here's the cake Eva knocked off a shelf at Smith's so we had to buy it. Aron says he's surprised she didn't then start knocking down all sorts of baked goods!
Back to the ranch to unload a million dollars in groceries, and my friend would kill me because it’s a lot of processed junk, but it makes life easy.

Getting domesticated. Made some muffins for us and for the managers of the  place.
Don’t worry, lunch was a nice romaine, carrot, strawberry, feta, tomato salad with light balsamic. The kids had mac and cheese and muffins J

Why am I posting so many pictures of food?????
The rest of the day and night were spent chillin' out.

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