Sunday, May 13, 2012

Real World: Wyoming; Day Five

The usual type of day: coffee, breakfast, laundry, shower, dishes, pack lunch and off to town to hit the Family Dollar for a few toys, then Dollar Tree for some sand toys for the beach, WalMart for more grocery stuff, post office to mail Mother’s Day cards. I love when strangers tell me I'm raising polite kids :-)

Lots of chillin', then threw a lasagna in the oven and hit the beach for a while to catch some rays and build a rock dam. I chilled on the sand and watched my amazing kids just play, something I rarely do at home. This reinforces the goal we have that soon we'd love to be able to afford a place in the "country" (as country as you can get near Kansas City) where we can just go for a hike in the middle of the day to a stream and forget about household chores.

Gathering rocks for the dam.

Sam could be in San Diego for all he cares. Sand is sand and water is water. It's all fun!

Callie laying out on the beach.

Tonight I told Aron I can put away the dishes instead of him because he worked all day, and that I can write while I nurse after I put away dishes. He said, “Yes, I know you can write while you nurse. You’re very talented that way. But go do something else.” He just wanted me to relax, which rocks.

Catch you later for Day Six (Friday).