Sunday, May 13, 2012

Real World: Wyoming; Day Six

Day Six = Saturday, by the way. Daddy worked all day. We went to the river beach for a couple of hours in the afternoon. I sunscreened faces liberally but didn't realize we'd be there so long having fun and didn't realize the sun bounced off the sand so much. As a result, I'm a BAD MOMMY and got my kids' little legs a bit sunburned. Not badly, mind you, but they griped later that night. I gave them some Tylenol and put lotion on their legs since we had no aloe or sunburn sprays. Of course they'll be nice and tan tomorrow, but I'm sunscreening the crap out of them next time!
Callie made a "pool" for Sam.

Michael and Joel made a bigger pool.
 Aron got home late in the afternoon and we were going to head to church and dinner, but Sam had other ideas. Sam had to eat at the MommyKerrie Breastaurant and fell asleep so Aron took the 3 oldest kids to the pond to kayak and rowboat. They also fed the horses since the managers are out of town for the night. Then we woke Sam up and headed out.
A Mexican restaurant in Evanston, WY. Muy bueno!

After dinner we headed to a park on the RiverWalk. Me and Callie snapped a pic while I practiced my Spanish on a couple of little girls there.

A moose feeding!
Here's a viewer question from my dad (well, two questions) that I pulled out of The Kerrie Show mailbag:

"Has it got very cold there at night? Is it alright to go out far nights, I mean do you have to be wary of wild animals there?"

Thanks for watching the show, Dad, and here are your answers:

(1) YES! Sometimes it gets to freezing at night. Mornings are chilly, but by after lunchtime we are good to go to hit the river beach for a sunny warm couple of hours in the low 70s or so (feels warmer, but sometimes there's a chilly breeze on the river's bend).

(2) NO and YES! It is pitch black out there in front of our place. In back there's one big "streetlight" ... but we don't venture outside much after dark. We had to read a pamphlet about cougars and bears and how to act if you encounter one, so that has us freaked out!

(3) Bonus answer: Dad, you know the kids are wild animals, so I ALWAYS have to be wary!

There's a triangle out back so I can call people in for dinner ... we are totally Ma and Pa Kettle out here!

The dog here at Kingfisher Bend Ranch, Socks, is the perfect bribe to get my kids to do anything! If Sam is having a fit, we just ask if he wants to give Socks a treat or wants to go pet Socks and he's happy. Looks like we'll be getting a dog in October after all.

As for music here in Evanston, Wyoming, let's just say there's plenty of country but I found THREE great rock stations ... the only catch is they only play stuff from the 70s and 80s. So I get to go back in time on a regular basis, but when I get home I'll be uncool on the music scene. That's okay.

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