Thursday, February 23, 2012

Stapled Pizza/Spilled Cocoa

Last week we had ONE OF THOSE DAYS.

  • The phone would not stop ringing while we were homeschooling (not that I expect the world to be psychic and know when we homeschool)
  • We struggled to get through Curious George Learns the Alphabet
  • It took me 2 hours to figure out how to download a Big Fish game called Insaniquarium that the boys had been begging me for
  • We missed Bible study ... again
  • Sam was stuffy so we hadn't slept well
  • Aron was working his 10th day in a row of 14 hour days
  • I had a hard 2nd rewrite on a topic I don't love
  • At one point I covered my ears and could hear just fine
  • Then I looked over and Sam was stapling a piece of pizza
This was the day I couldn't reach the cocoa and batted at it with a spoon, causing it to fall and do this
That's when the crazy turns to funny and I remember why I love being home with all of my kids all day every day. I keep having dreams about my old job, the one I probably loved least of any job. And it reminds me that my WORST day at home is better than my BEST day at work ever was. I'm not judging working moms here ... just saying we all have our own experiences that shape us for some reason or another.