Friday, February 24, 2012

What I'm Reading/Busy Griping

yes, that's a Hello Kitty silly bandz
Don't you love when people gripe about how busy they are and then chronicle it all for you? Good! Because here ya go, people. So, yeah, I'm doing a post called What I'm Reading because I needed to fill this space because I'm getting my butt kicked this week with:

  1. Aron in Wyoming part of the time (yee haw!)
  2. Cub Scout Blue and Gold shopping and planning and plotting
  3. A homeschool Pinewood Derby on Saturday
  4. Trip to the dentist for Callie
  5. Ash Wednesday service
  6. Homeschool park date
  7. President's Day educational program with our rockin'  homeschool group
  8. Bible Study
  9. Article rewrites
  10. The 4th edition of the "Make Money to Write About Your Kids" ebook to get the heck outta here
  11. Callie's final two cheerleading games Friday night and Saturday
  12. Making sure Blue and Gold is all set up and cleaned up after
  13. Making sure the Pinewood Derby has a track. Since Aron is out of town, I am BEGGING someone else to help set it up.
  14. I get to learn the PD software to get names entered and all that
  15. Cloning myself since I have to be at the PD and at Callie's cheer game at the same time. Any suggestions?
  16. Oh, yeah, and that thing called HOMESCHOOLING (forget about keeping a clean house this week)
So here's what I'm reading (ha!) when I get a free 2 seconds:

  1. Teach Your Own by John Holt
  2. It's Hard Not to Hate You by Valerie Frankel
  3. Steven Tyler's autobiography
  4. Mia Tyler's autobiography
  5. Now all I need is Cyrinda Foxe's autobiography. Has Liv done one yet?
What did you do this week? What are you reading (besides this blog!)?

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