Sunday, July 17, 2011

Ouija Boards and Kids

I’m trying to get used to not having a mouse on my new laptop. It’s weird only having a little patch of silver to move my finger around on. Sometimes I’ll be moving my finger one way on the pad and the arrow goes another way on the screen, and this reminds me of an experience with a Ouija Board I had once. 

My friend Ambre (who was like my sister, really) and I were probably around 12 and were hanging out in my bedroom. My parents and I had just moved in to the house recently, and had heard that a baby or kid or something had died there. It was a Cape Cod house with two large bedrooms upstairs. My room had a wall put up to turn it into two rooms … something about twins were expected or lived there and one died. Anyway, one night Ambre and I were doing the Ouija Board … which made a comeback in the 80s. 

We were asking the usual questions like what’s your name and how did you die? We’d done the Ouija Board before and it usually “worked” … which meant we weren’t sure if the other one was moving it or what. This time was different. 

This time I can’t remember exactly what happened (maybe I wrote it in my diary … I’ll have to dig around to find out), but the thing you put your hands on (lightly is the idea) was moving faster and faster to spell something and we couldn’t keep up and were accusing the other of moving it. 

We both got pissed because accusing the other of moving it and we both took our fingers off of the cursor-like thing. 

It started moving around by itself. It moved OFF THE BOARD and onto the dang hardwood floor and kept moving around. 

We freaked out. One of us picked it up and threw it back in the box and then put the board on top of it. I don’t think I’ve touched a Ouija Board since. I get chills just writing about it. 

Look, I’m all for good spirits and all that. I believe the dead can communicate with us. But doesn’t that mean that bad spirits are also around? I don’t know what we were dealing with that day, but it didn’t feel right. 

I saw a Ouija Board “game” in my aunt’s garage recently. The boys wanted to get it out. It still creeps me out and I said no.


  1. Kerrie, Thank GOD you said no!!!! Those things (ouija boards) literally open a door to the demonic realm... I had REALLY bad experiences and know several others who have as well... I wasn't even using a "real" one; my friends and i were using a homemade one that was made of paper and a pen! We had the same experience with it moving on ITS OWN- even when our fingers were NOT on the thingie and with it flying all over... Really, it wasn't moving on it's own though. I was ignorant then, NOW i know that IT WAS DEMONIC SPIRITS... I was literally attacked in my bed that night!! A demon grabbed me by my shoulders and SHOOK me and wouldn't LET GO! A separate time, I had a demon CHOKE ME (YES, HONESTLY CHOKE ME) I could LITERALLY feel the invisible hands around my neck and I COULD NOT BREATHE; i was choking!!! Both these incidents were after opening this door in the spirit realm by messing with the ouija board...both times the evil spirits LEFT IINSTANTLY after being told, "I REBUKE YOU IN JESUS NAME!" Ouija boards, among other things, open doors in the spirit realm, that should remain FIRMLY SHUT...
    PS..This site will TRIP YOU OUT, Kerrie!

  2. Thanks so much for addressing this! We moved out of what I felt was a haunted house and it was hard because I didn't have tangible proof. I definitely believe in both good and bad spirits and I do believe they communicate with us. Interesting experience...

  3. Somehow even as a kid I knew I wasn't going near the one I was given as a birthday gift. Then I didn't know why I was so averse to it. Now I call it discernment.


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