Tuesday, June 20, 2017

8 Reasons to Visit a National Park This Summer

A trip to a National Park can make a fantastic vacation whether you are traveling with a young family or a group of friends. There is plenty to do and see and many people find they either return to the same park or aim to visit as many as they can because they love it that much.
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Here are just eight of the many reasons you should consider a National Park vacation this summer.


Visiting a National Park is much cheaper than taking a group abroad. You won’t need passports or visas, you can travel there by car, and once you arrive there are restaurants and activities nearby so you’ll save more money traveling.

When it comes to accommodation, there is always a range of options to suit any budget. You could go camping, glamping, or stay in a value for money hotel.


There are over 50 National Parks in the US, so wherever you are or wherever you want to go, there’s a park not too far away. California has the most parks with eight, followed by Utah with five, but there are parks as far afield as Maine or Oregon too.


One of the best reasons to visit a National Park is the gorgeous scenery. You could see volcanoes in California, glaciers in Alaska, or snow-covered mountains in Washington, as well as long stretches of forests, greenery, and clifftops. Whichever National Park you chose to visit you’ll have your breath taken away by the beauty of it. Make sure you spend some time exploring and taking in as much of the park as you can on your visit.


There is plenty to do at any of the National Parks. You could try horse riding, climbing, hiking, diving, water sports, sandboarding, or cycling. Those people looking for a more relaxing break could have a go at painting, bird watching, or walking.


There are always plenty of fantastic places to eat in and around National Parks. You could try some classic American cuisine or try something a little different.


Each park has its own history, nature, and wildlife for you to learn about. Some will tell you tales of America’s politics whereas others date all the way back ancient peoples. Spend some time exploring fossils and learning about the history of the park on your visit.


National Parks can give young children their first real experience of the great outdoors. They can also remind adults with hectic lives what the world is really about, helping them to leave their stresses behind, reconnect with the world around them, and gain a fresh perspective on life.

You are sure to meet some fantastic people during a visit to a National Park. There’ll be fellow tourists on their first visit, amazed by the wonder of it all, and others who have returned time and time again to fill you in on the things you need to see and the ways their visits have helped to shape their lives. There will also be those who live and work in the Park who are always happy to offer stories and advice. 

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