Wednesday, July 6, 2011

LEGO Master Builder Academy Building Challenge!

I love LEGO contests for kids! Just got the new LEGO magazine in the mail yesterday. Well, the boys did, but I think it's cool, too.  I don't see this Building Challenge on their website so if your kid is a LEGO freak and doesn't yet get the magazine, here are the details of the Challenge:

It says to take a look at the sneak peek LEGO Master Builder Technique on a page of the magazine, and they call it "Sideways Building." It's basically just making something cool out of LEGOs that is not going straight up and down!

"We'll pick 10 of our favorite models and give each of their builders a LEGO gift card worth $100.

How to enter:

1. Build a model of an outer space vehicle using pieces from your LEGO brick collection. Make sure it includes Sideways Building!

2. Take a color photograph of your model. Color photos or photo-quality computer print-outs only. No Polaroids, please.

3. Write a description of 150 words or less telling us about your model. Don't forget to say how you used Sideways Building to make it!

4. Mail your photo along with your name, age, address, daytime phone number and the name of your model to:

LEGO MBA Building Challenge
PO Box 1625
Enfield, CT 06083-1625

All entries must be received by September 30, 2011!"

Sidenote: my husband grew up in Enfield, CT!!!


  1. Thanks so much for this! My son accidentally threw his magazine away and I couldn't find the rules anywhere. Thanks again!

  2. Huh
    This must be for US subscribers only.
    We have the latest Australian magazine but no competition.
    Good luck to all who are entering!

  3. ah, yes, i see the fine, fine print. it says "offer may be mailed to US addressed only" which stinks b/c people outside the US sure as heck buy their stuff in droves!

  4. Thanks so much for posting this!! We must have missed this in our magazine as well, going to look at it again now!!

  5. Thank you for posting this - it was impossible to find anywhere - thank you!

  6. so who entered this and how did you do???


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