Monday, July 4, 2011

Fourth of July

What is it about lighting a firecracker, throwing it REALLY fast and then hearing it BANG! that is so much fun? Most years I'm inside nursing a baby or being pregnant and hot. I did miss festivities last night due to a baby who likes to fall asleep for a nap/bedtime at 7 p.m. lately, but I did get to blow up some firecrackers yesterday. It's actually illegal in my city/county, so don't tell the fuzz, okay?

So today we went to a parade in Lenexa and got tons of candy. Now we're at my aunt's house in another county so we can LEGALLY blow stuff up. Later we'll go out hunting for a great display ... we haven't seen a real display since like 2001 when Joel was a mere week old and I sat in the truck nursing him while we watched fireworks.

What are your plans? Whatever you do, enjoy your independence and your freedom!

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  1. We bought fireworks too but only small ones because of the law too. I ended up not seeing fireworks though. :( Was just too tired.


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