Saturday, September 18, 2010

Embassy Suites in Colorado Springs 2010 Travel with Kids

This is the inside of the Embassy Suites in Colorado Springs where we stayed on vacation. You, too, can stay here FOR FREE if your husband travels so much for work that he gets a buttload of hotel miles to spend! They had an excellent free breakfast, but standing in a long line every morning for protein was a bunch of b.s. when you have small hungry kids.  The E.S. in Phoenix was much better back in 2002 ... you only had to stand in line if you wanted an omelet, while bacon and scrambled eggs were in a separate warmer. In case you're doing, "Who gives a crap, Kerrie?" ... I write all this because companies Google themselves and this is an easier way for me to review them than to mess with finding out their contact info and on and on.
This is a pic Aron wanted to take of us from the downstairs part of the hotel. We were on the 4th floor, and the kids had a blast messing around in the glass elevators!
Look at those monkeys on the luggage cart! This is a goofy tradition we have: taking pictures of our kids after giving them rides on hotel luggage carts.

This concludes the hotel portion of Postcards from the McLoughlins. Not sure where we're heading tomorrow, but it'll be a good time.