Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Kids and Coffee/Coffee Ice Cream ... Santa's Workshop in Colorado 2010

Holy crap-a-rooni, when did I become a BEFORE weight loss picture???? Sitting on my ample butt eating ice cream, no less!!! But look at those 5 beautiful faces! If I had to gain 5 pounds per kid, then it's all worth it. Plus I get the excitement of anticipating what my boobs are going to look like after I'm all done nursing Sam! Sooo, this pic was taken at the North Pole/Santa's Workshop in Colorado Springs. Three of my 5 kids are eating coffee ice cream. Why do people go into full-on freak-out mode when you give your kid anything labeled COFFEE??  Newsflash, World and Judgemental Parents: not EVERY SINGLE KID in the world experiences a sugar or caffeine buzz and then crashes. My kids are naturally spastic like myself. We can drink coffee then fall asleep. We can eat a candy bar and then sit quietly in front of the TV and watch an entire movie (not recommended, though ... how about going on a walk instead?!).

So I'm thinking you respect this about my family and I'll respect the fact that if I sneak your kid one Junior Mint he will bounce off my walls for 30 minutes. Basically, we're all different, huh?

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