Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Cheyenne Mountain Zoo

This is Michael feeding a giraffe a "biscuit" ... more like a graham cracker/Triscuit mixture ... you get 3 for a dollar. I dropped a bunch of dollars there. Cheyenne Mountain Zoo in Colorado Springs is so awesomely cool.  And if I may put in a plug for homeschooling, the place wasn't busy at all because we went at the start of September.

I should start a website called Zoo Review and travel to every zoo in the world and review them all.  I'll do whatever it takes to raise the money for this project, and that includes selling my husband's tools and his boat and his canning supplies and his shiny new red truck.


  1. We got two of those things for a dollar at Silver Springs this summer...lots of cash dropped there, let me tell you! It was fun, though, and my little brothers had a blast. Mostly they made us feed the giraffes, though--they weren't too sure about sticking their fingers up by a giant giraffe mouth.

  2. Sorry, pre-nup says you can't.

  3. Another option is you could sell all of your shoes, your clothes (walking around the house in your birthday suit would be fine by me), your computer and scrapbooking supplies.

  4. I thought your writing was going to take care of that, as well as allow me to stay at home and watch the kids play in their poop, um, I mean soup.

  5. I'm very bored at work.


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