Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Amazing High-End Restaurants in Kansas City #BlueStem #Westport #FineDining #Roasterie #DateNight

On June 2, my amazing husband took me out for a surprise date. I was SHOCKED at the place he took me to! We went to BlueStem in Westport because my cousin Derek Solsberg used to work there as a chef but he had since moved on. We went anyway (love you, Derek!).

My first thought was, "We'd better refinance the house for this outing. I just told my man we are trying to save money and here we are at possibly the most fancy restaurant in town."

My second thought was, "Wow. I am so blessed to be able to eat at a place like this with my husband while my kids are safely tucked away at home and taken care of. My man works hard and deserves this culinary treat! What a great date night and bring on those 5 courses!"


We each did the 5-course situation and then for dessert I chose the mousse tart (of course!) and he chose the olive oil cake

The service was insanely amazing ... everyone worked together like a well-oiled machine to keep fresh utensils on our table and to keep our drinks filled. Aron got the wine pairing and the wine dude was knowledgeable and offered the perfect wines.

I have never before in my 45 years tasted mint ice cream like this. I closed my eyes and took it in, like I was in a mint patch and I could have died right then.

I just found out tonight that this is The Roasterie coffee BlueStem blend! My friend Nathan Jones is the Ops Manager and loves it there. I have to say it was the best cup of coffee I ever had and I didn't need a ton of cream like I usually do. I want The Roasterie to open up drive-through locations everywhere I will be :-) I've been on the tour with the kids and that place is off the chain!

Date night!
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