Monday, January 25, 2010


Has anyone seen this show yet? My mom taped it for me. We thought it would be interesting and funny. It’s interesting, but certainly not funny. It’s very sad.

I was on my way to becoming a hoarder once. My apartment had cat crap in the spare bedroom when I was single, I had Cosmopolitan magazines going back for years, and the list goes on and on. I had about 5 times the clothing I have now.

The more kids I had, the more of my own stuff I got rid of, and the easier it was to sort through their stuff and get rid of some of it. These days I have a small closet with my maternity AND regular wardrobe in it. I have very few books anymore.

Most of my clutter nowadays is old journal papers … thousands of them. My dream is to someday transcribe all the papers from my handwriting to computer and have a big old bonfire (after I back up all the files on an external hard drive or two, of course).

And I feel free.

I just read Candy Spelling’s book and I think she’s a total hoarder … even though she calls them “collections” and has pondered the hoarding issue. I’m interested to see what she does with all her crap when her 73,000 square feet (including the attic) of crap-holding space turns into 17,000 when she moves.

Do you or someone you know have any hoarding issues? Yeah, like you're really gonna tell ME!


  1. I know 2 my mom & my hubby's. We'll need a Deffenbaugh dumpster XXL to get rid of stuff someday. I can say I confronted my mom about it and she's been working on dejunking a bit, but there's still a long way to go. What's sad is when I was growing up she was never like this and yelled at me ALOT for my room looking cluttered. Jen

  2. I'm the opposite of a hoarder! I'm a purger! It makes me sick to see those people living with all that stuff. I feel really sorry for them. I would feel so claustorphobic living in all that stuff.

  3. We're pack rats.... there must be a difference.

  4. Both my parents are hoarders. Just last week we were in a house that my sister & B.I.L. want to buy and my mom found a hanger with some crochet work on it and asked the realtor if she could take it!!! I was like MAAA! You don't need that crap! Unlike the trash hoarders the show portrays, they do buy a lot of antique "crap"(to me). My sister & I will have 4 houses of stuff to go through when they die... yes... I said FOUR! Being in the military prevented me from carrying around a lot of stuff, but I do have 1 room filled with small boxes of stuff in Topeka. 1/2 of it would be considered useless items, but they are little momento things that remind me of people I knew, or things I did. I too Kerrie, have a lot of PHOTOS, not journals, that I want to scan in someday and back up. I threw away a bunch of crap (I kept newsweeks and popular mechanics) in 2005. The movie Labyrinth affected me. Jennifer Connelly runs into this "lady" (like a troll thing) that carrys around a bunch of crap on her back, and tries to start piling crap (unimportant material things we perceive have value but really don't) on Jennifer's back. That moment of the movie really affected me, and I've cut back and changed my behaviors. I can't help my mom. I've tried. They don't see that they have a problem. It is sad. But that's the way it is....


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