Sunday, January 24, 2010

Newsflash: SAHMs Do Nothing All Day Long

I'm loving my Attachment Parenting group because they "get" me.

Recently a woman wrote about how she has 3 kids and is pregnant and her family assumes she has nothing better to do than make a last-minute trip to the airport to pick up some relatives. My reply:

"yeah, you have NOTHING going on for sure. i'll never forget when i had my ONE kid 8 years ago and i was the first in my family to nurse and to stay at home and to family bed, blah blah. one family member asked me if i was BORED yet. another family member, a teenager, asked what i do all day. i was speechless.

here's my answer: i sit on my butt and hold my baby while he naps. i stare at him. i read books. i watch tv. i've earned this time with my kid. we are bonding. he may not remember, but it's in his SOUL. and i've done the same parenting with all FIVE of my kids. this BUSY and INCONSIDERATE culture of ours is nuts. and yet I'M the crazy one for treating my kids like GOLD."