Thursday, October 8, 2009

Samuel is here!!

Hi, this is Tresa writing for Kerrie, who's chained to a hospital bed (picking the lock, as I was talking to her this morning, though), unable to get online to write and say hi.

Samuel flew into the world yesterday morning, and has since been transferred to a different hospital NICU because of meconium aspiration at his birth. As soon as Kerrie is released from the hospital she's at, she will go to spend a week or so with him until he's released also. I talked to her this morning and she says he's a little fighter, already trying to cough out the tubes they have running into him, and she hopes to be able to nurse him in a few days. She's doing well, feeling better after some sleep last night, and will be back soon with pictures and (I hope/request) a birth story.

Welcome to the world, Samuel, and congratulations to Kerrie, Aron, and their family!