Friday, October 9, 2009


Just because someone is doing something, it doesn’t mean that’s necessarily what they WANT to be doing, what they LOVE doing. People get so hung up on other people’s choices and attach those choices to who they ARE as a person, which is a big mistake.

For instance, cloth diapers are great for saving money and landfill space. They aren’t an inconvenience to me and I could say good things about them all day long. But I’d rather be using disposables all the time.

And my homeschooling method is such that I use bought stuff, like a Catholic-based program of workbooks and other fun-ish (secular … oh, my!) workbooks. I try to stick with it. But I’d rather try radical unschooling. I’m just afraid of the State. And my husband probably wouldn’t be a fan of something so unstructured and fly-by-the-seat-of-our-pants.

Think about these things the next time you visit a friend’s huge, beautifully decorated house that you are jealous of. Maybe she hates it, but her husband wanted it to show off. Maybe she hates all the time it takes to clean it. Maybe she is in debt over having such a large home. Maybe SHE is jealous of YOU because you have a smaller house and you husband doesn’t mind if you have toys strewn all over the stained carpet floor every now and then.


  1. Maybe I'd trade places with her! The toys hide the stains, though, and that's actually decorating brilliance.

    CONGRATS, friend!! ((hugs))

  2. Love this post. You know, I recently had a new friend with a giant house come over and say "I LOVE YOUR HOUSE!" I thanked her while thinking, "She's just being nice. My house is clean and cozy and I love it, but YOU? Yours is on steroids compared to mine... And I'm sure you had a decorator. I hit garage sales!" But maybe a steroid addicted house doesn't make her a snob after all. How narrow-minded of me.


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