Thursday, October 8, 2009

Floam and Moon Sand

We like to provide a service here at The Kerrie Show, so I’ll let you in on what to buy and not to buy your kids, grandkids, whatever for Christmas.

Don’t by Floam. It sucks. It sticks to your carpet. It’s hard to get off your table. It’s like tiny Styrofoam dots in goo. I hate it.

DO BUY Moon Sand. Prepare to lose some along the way, but it vacuums up like a dream and wipes right off the table. Aron says it’s the consistency of what you’d get if you sat and erased stuff all day … it’s like eraser dust that sticks together. But it’s not sticky. Get a set with the blow-up “pool” for it so you can keep it contained.

And don’t worry: I’ll post pix of the new baby as soon as it’s born and as soon as I can make it to a computer with Internet access.

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  1. Oh, Kerrie. I just can't wait! Are you not going nuts with the waiting??!!


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