Wednesday, September 16, 2009

My Hairy Legs and the Busy Beauty Showerless Shave Gel I Wish I Had

When I was pregnant with Joel, I was scheduled to be induced on a Sunday because I supposedly had gestational diabetes and my 3rd sonogram showed I was going to have one huge baby.

Like a good suck-up, on Saturday I made a cake to take to the hospital for the nurses and doctors to have post-birth. Aron painted my toenails. My legs were shaved, and I had showered that day. THANKFULLY I was not induced and went into labor naturally Saturday afternoon. I took the cake with me.

They told me I was one of their most polite laboring women. They would make me change positions to push, and I’d say THANK YOU. I didn’t cuss once. I was very cordial. They enjoyed the cake, but lost my damn cake pan.

Now I’m on my 5th baby, and I don’t care what my toenails look like. I don’t care if I’ve showered. I’ll probably drop some F-bombs at my doula and the mean nurse who might give me a baggie to puke in versus giving me IV meds for nausea.

And I’m thinking the hairier the better on my legs since Aron and the doula will need traction for when they are holding my legs back when I push (I’m a primadonna and for some reason can’t make myself hold my own legs over my own ears to push my baby out). Besides, it gets harder and harder to shave sitting down in a shower that’s as big as a shoebox.

I’ll have to let you know how it goes. Below is a bonus pic for you from when I was in labor with Eva, my fourth baby, and I had my dad and husband looking all freaked out! That labor went well and ... update ... she is now 10 years old and a happy, giggly little blonde girl! Oh, and baby #5 turned out to be Samuel, now age 8 and ALL BOY!

In 2018 I was sent this product to try, Busy Beauty Showerless Shave Gel. Here is my honest review of it. Kinda loved it!


  1. lol at all prettied up for the induction! I was never induced but I always primped for the big last one was 16 days past her "due date" and I had a pedicure and well shaven legs and well...I had lots of time...

    Great pic but yeah, they are looking a little's just birth guys!


  2. Um, yeah. I had plenty of time with my first. Toes pretty, legs shaved and was dilated to a 10 when they did the pre-drug check. My 2nd baby...two weeks early and lots-o-pain. Said a few curse words on that kiddo. Want to say a few after his behavior today. LOL. Little turd. Hope your feeling well!!

  3. With my first I was all ready to go when I went into labor two days before my due date. After 32 hours of drug free labor I am sure I looked like something out of a horror movie. But I was polite. They told me not to push anymore because the doctor was not there and I pushed a little with a contraction. Then I said sorry. Later I thought why was I apologizing for what I had no control. The second was induced. I looked very good as I pushed her out. That was after 25 hours less labor than the first.

  4. I actually just make myself look nice for the sake of the pictures I will have to endure of myself for years to come.

    My first one is where I learned that lesson. I looked like poopy after I had my son. His family all gathered around me for a nice picture. A couple years down the road we are celebrating at a fancy restaurant the grandparents 60th anniversary. I'm dressed up really nice and they show a slide show of family pics on a huuuuge screen. I was shocked to see the AFTER LABOR picture of me. I looked awful! I felt like crawling under the table.

  5. The unkept birth mom? I see definite money potetial there...

    "Kerrie's Sasquatch Birth Method"

    And that pic...

    HOLY JESUS MARY AND JOSEPH?!?! You were like five foot naught and weighed a buck-o-five before kids. You look like you are holding another you there. Tat kid was HUGE!


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