Thursday, September 17, 2009

DepoProvera Shot in Exchange for a Welfare Check

Originally posted 9/17/09. Reposted to rile you up and see what you think!

I’m not about sterilizing women who’ve had a kid and can’t support themselves for whatever reason.

I have another idea.

How about when any female goes in to pick up her welfare check, food stamps or whatever, she gets the 3-month DepoProvera birth control shot? The Social Worker could be all jovial and go, "Trade ya a Depo shot for your welfare check, Sweetie!" It’s not permanent sterilization; it’s just 3 months of not getting pregnant and bringing a life into the world that she can’t take care of.

I think Natural Family Planning is great for a lot of women … women who can keep track of crap on a chart. I don’t personally ever again want any birth control chemical in MY body. But I can see its benefits to society,so I'm not anti. And no, genius, I don't just use NFP because "the Pope says so" ... I'm sure you know me enough by now to know I have a mind of my own.

Now, what to do about the MEN who go around making babies all over the place and can’t support them? How’s that research coming on the male chemical birth control?